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It is the simple things that we take for granted that can make a tangible difference to those in need.

Collecting new and unopened items that support personal hygiene, such as body wash, deodorant and sanitary items, as well as hair, oral & skin care. 

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Collecting the Basics Light.jpg

Even the most basic items are out of reach for those who are unhoused, or struggling to make ends meet. 

This campaign is a collection of new and unused items that support comfort and survival during the cooler months, such as socks, underwear, thermals, gloves, scarves and beanies.  

2023 Campaign Impact


The Pair-for-a-Pair sock program has been running since 2018, where the public can purchase a pair of funky socks, and in return, we donate a pair to someone in need.  

To date, we have warmed more than 700 feet in Perth!

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