For the safety of our volunteers and people who receive our donations, we will not be accepting: 

- airline packs

- hotel toiletries

Young Girl with Mask

how to help with covid-19

Help us keep people in need safe by donating: 

-  hand sanitiser

-  antibacterial wipes





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shampoo & conditioner

soap & body wash

toothbrushes & toothpaste

floss & mouthwash

deodorant (roll on preferred)

tissues & wipes

sunscreen & insect repellent

lotions & toiletry bags

sanitary items




Do you take clothing or furniture?

no we don't

There are a number of great organisations around Perth who already do this. 

We recommend the following groups. 

where do the donations go?

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excellent question

Your donations go to organisations who deal directly with people in need. We work with a number of refuges, drop in centres and outreach services to make sure your donations get to where are needed. 

Can i organise a collection with my family, friends or 



We love it when groups get together to generate a collection of donations. You can download some flyers here

Do the items really need to be new?


There are not too many things that we are adamant about at EFW but this really is important to us.

We view your donations as gifts to women in need. 


They are often women who are fleeing domestic violence situations and do not have many of their own items.


Giving the gift of new items to women as they arrive in crisis and temporary accommodation is something we believe that will empower every woman.

still a no

We often have people say "I've only used it once, it seems like such a waste to throw it away".


We suggest asking a friend or family member if they would like to try the item. 

do you accept menstrual cups?

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no we don't

The care instructions for menstrual cups are just not conducive to women in need. They are required to be washed every day and sterilised at the end of each cycle.


Many of the women we service do not have access to adequate facilities to ensure that they can safely use the cups. 

What about other reusable menstrual items?

still a no

It comes back to the access to adequate facilities to wash and care for these items. 

At EFW, we are aware of the environmental impact of single use items which is why we reuse, reduce and recycle as much as possible when sorting and distributing your donations.