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The Essentials Collective Inc (TEC Inc) is a unique and inspiring Western Australian not-for-profit organisation that provides people in need with essentials every day items.

At TEC Inc, our board and volunteers are committed to a no-fuss and hands-on approach to ensure that goods get to the people that need them. 


In a world where it's easy to take basics things for granted, TEC Inc asks the general public for donations of goods twice a year in June and October. 

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Support the blokes

Basics for Blokes runs every June.


Find out more today. 

Support the ladies

Essentials for Women runs every October. 

Find out more today.



For the safety of our volunteers and people who receive our donations, we will only accept hotel toiletries from non-quarantine facilities. 

Airline packs no longer accepted

Young Girl with Mask

how to help with covid-19

Help us keep people in need safe by donating: 

-  hand sanitiser

-  antibacterial wipes

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